Hunt’s book store

Feeling that he’s off to a good start, having engaged Dr. Kohl and the prodigies, he off the to the book store. Vera Huntington, the owner is overworked and ungracious towards Hatch, knowledgeable that he sent her several letters looking for the poster. While Hatch is looking thorough the never-ending stacks of posters, she starts to run up and down the isles in panic. Suddenly Hatch discovers that he’s been bit by a snake. He falls to the floor. In a dreamlike state, he has hallucinations of a sexual nature involving the universe and the Dreamland fire.

Madame Tania’s Parlor of Pain Relief

“Hatch wakes up in a bath tub with scented water. His entire body feels drugged like an opium mixture is seeping into his skin. He comes to realize a woman is violently sucking poison out of his inner thigh. She gives him some tea and blows some incense in his face in a mystical, portentous manner. With each of the three sticks it forces specific memories to flash in his mind. Before shooing him out the door, she gives him a cane to help him walk.”

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