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After a rough and sadistic ride along with several other prisoners hatches taken to the police station his bad leg is beaten he is forced to wait standing up naked and the infirmary for an examination to see whether a snake really did bite his leg causing him to be sexually assaulted by Mrs Huntington.

a man who represents himself as his lawyer ushers him into the police dressing room his followed by a barber of valet and a manicurist. Had just Harris cut his shaven nails manicured and given a brand new suit to wear

He’s assured by the attorney that all legal issues have been completely resolved. also a carriage has been made available to him. When in the carriage hatch looks at the business card and the lawyers gave him it’s from Lafferty and associates.

So this is some more text after the gallery. returning to the hotel the bellboy tells hatch someone wants to speak to him who is working on the statue. After climbing the stairs he sees the man is a complete stranger however the artist was on the Eiffel Tower the night when hatched discovered he was accused of starting the fire.

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This photograph here is probably from carpinteria California