Ad rates

Collector Network is a full color glossy magazine, distributed primarily in California through antique stores, malls and shows. Its readers include: antique dealers, collectors, auctioneers, and other professionals working within the antique industry

Business Card $75

1/4 page 4.5 tall x 3.5 wide $145

1/2 page 4.5 tall x 7.5 wide $260

Full Page 9.25 tall by 7.5 wide $435

PREMIUM PAGES $600 (waiting list) inside front cover, inside back and back cover

Payment: annual advertisers are billed after the magazine is published.


Call Frank! (909) 593-1018


Free Publicity

Collector Network accepts professionally written press releases about news that affects the antiques and collectible business.

Word limit 275
Must be expressed in objective terms
Avoid all superlatives; stick to facts
Opinions should be in quotes and attributed to a specific individual
If any item is mentioned, include the date it was made, who made it, the country of origin; if it’s for sale, the price.
Avoid arcane abbreviations (spell them out, the first time used)